Sunday, August 20, 2006

Long & Easy

I guess my race yesterday took a wee bit out of me than I thought. Today I felt it a little. Some how I managed to get my long run done at my easy pace of 10:24. I did the Norwalk Half marathon route. Two loops, the course is rather flat, with some gradual elevation on west Norwalk road. There is one monster of a hill going up nursery road taking you to the five mile mark. Going up this the first loop is not too bad its when you have to do it the 2nd time it gets you. A monster hill at the 11 mile mark not a pretty picture. I'll be running this course again in the next two weeks. This is the final race in the Norwalk Summer Series. My PR for a half was on this course in 2003 with a time of 1:51 this course gave me hope that I could break 1:50 but I never did. You would think I could do better on this course because not a week go by that I'm not on some part of the course and I have included it many times in my long runs. I've even used that monster hill to practice hill repeats at times. Over the last few years I've had nothing but declines in my time on this course. Someone at yesterdays race commented that "we will be in our territory next time time Dawn" meaning we should have a upper hand in the half because this is where we do most of our weekly mileage. I've only felt that once that was in 2003 when I did my PR. There is hope though,I haven't given up.

August 20, 2006
15.01 miles


Phil said...

Dawn ... I compute your easy running pace using the McMillan Running Calculator and your 10:24 pace over 15 miles I just a the tail end of the recommended "long run" pace for someone looking to run a 1:50 1/2 marathon. You didn't mention the temperature, but as I type this, your blog indicates that the temperature is still at 73, so I suspect it was rather warm today. This will take a lot out of you, especially over 15 miles.

I got your note about starting up a running log. This is a great idea. You'll find that writing it down really helps to keep you on track.

The other thing I do that helps me is to list all my runs for a week at the bottom of my blog. (I stole this idea from Mike. It shows me a progression of runs for the week, one building the previous. I clear it out and start all over on Monday each week.

Jim said...

Dawn . . . I found your blog thru Phil's (previous comment) blog. Now I have someone else to worry about and watch their progress! I have found Phil to be helpful and inspirational. I ran a 3:48 marathon this past May and I have one coming up on Oct 1. I always love to compare notes and observe how other train. Lots of luck to you in your training and I'll be WATCHING YOU!!!