Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Milford Independence Day 5k

I did this race on Sunday. Last Time I did it was in 2004. 40 mins away from my home so it makes it very difficult for me to run the race at
9:00 then try to get home and get ready for church. This race also seem to follow the Fairfield half that I've already miss church for. I try my best not to miss church too many Sundays in a row.

Not sure why I decided to run the race only because from Saturday race some ask if I was planning on doing it. That is when I told her my dilemma about making it home in time for church. She encouraged me and toldme I can do it.

The race went ok not my best 5k. I was able to get home and in time for church
2004-25:56/ 2006- 27:39

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