Thursday, July 27, 2006

My run went well this morning. I pushed it a little so that was good. I am going to have start doing my weekly speed work myself. I know it is going to be hard but I must. I can't let what happened to me last year happen this year and its starting again , the baseball practice, the football practice, the games, games, games.
today I rushed home from work to get my son to base ball practice. Then I left there to attend the mandatory football parents meeting!!! Then both boys start football practice on the 1st. Elliotts' in the morning and Kelly's in the evening and the first two weeks Kelly will be playing foot ball and baseball. Its going to be crazy again. It was about this same time last year that I stop going to my XC series and weekly speed work. Some how I have to get it done on my own.

July 27, 2006
9.48 miles


Anonymous said...

Well my dear sister, try not to be so hard on youself all the time. You are your worst critic. I think you do great. Runny may not be my favorite thing to do, but it is yours. You run because you enjoy it, it is something you do for you. It is part of your alone time even if others are around. But it is time you take to enjoy something you love. Never lose that. It is not about the competition, but it is the joy it gives you and the peace, and the time to reflect on what is good in life. I am proud of you not because of the runing, but because of the person you are and your dedication. Don't be you much!!!!!!

DawnB said...

Thank you, only a sister can make you feel so good :)

I love you too