Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4 on the 4th

Well this race have become a constant. This is always a challenge because there is a hill that is about one mile long. Here is the course map

Today was very hot and humid just like Saturday and Sunday. I tough it out and hung in there. I followed every one advice and rested on Monday just to see if it would really make much of a difference in race time, it didn't so I'll continue to follow my own routine from now on. So a run before a race might just help me!!:)

Talk with a lot of people and hung around for the awards ceremony. I always stay for this awards not because I'm getting anything but because I don't have to rush off . Everyone is home and in bed.

When I got home, I did go out the door again and did about 5.6 miles. I feel that I should take advantage in running in the humidity because a lot of my upcoming races will be hot, and humid.

Past results: 2003-33:47/ 2004- 35:01/ 2005 -35:32/ 2006 -35:47

July 4th

4 miles race AM

5.6 miles (nooner)


Anonymous said...

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before I sleep said...

Is that going for a run AFTER a race? like, the same day?

You'll have to blog which vitamin supplements you are taking.

DawnB said...

Brian, its just pure determination thats' all :) I've been pretty lousy about my vitamins lately