Monday, May 29, 2006

Where is everyone going

To my surprise I was reading Dawn (the pink lady) a discover that
a few (quite a few) of the family is moving . Moving to where? I've also notice recent updates is no longer working. If there is something that technically better for our blog site please let me know. I know it takes a while for me to make a change but eventually it happens and I do hop aboard.

Today I did get out there and do one memorial day weekend race. I usually do a min of two. I updated my race I complete because this weekend I did not do two of the races I normally do.

I did the Jim Fixx memorial day five miler. Very challenging course and today was pretty warm. Of course I'm never happy with my results. I started out too fast as usual. My first mile was a 7:42 and some how I muster up enough energy to do 7:34 third mile. I will not tell you about the other miles in between but my final time was 44:49 look like I'm stuck on this 8:50 pace for anything over a 5K if only I could keep it up for 26.2 miles!!!! :)

May 29, 2006
5.07 miles (race)


before I sleep said...

I've given up trying to track my racing mile splits, like yours they tend to be all over the place and get worse the longer the race goes on.If you find the secret pass it on. said...

They may be moving to hosting their own blogs using something like Wordpress.
Wordpress gives you a lot more freedom than using Blogger. However you'll have to get hosting somewhere to do it.