Sunday, May 28, 2006

Little Busy

Little busy, but I'm here. My little sister came up fron NC last weekend for a wedding we went to in MA last Saturday. I Picked them up from airport on Friday night dropped them off on Monday midday. The wedding was lovely, the daughter of my cousin, who by the way made a beautiful mother of the bride. The rest of the week was just ups and downs. I tried to get my running in the best I could. Kelly's team is now 8-0 they are doing great. I did make it to track again this week but I left early to watch Kelly's game. On Saturday he had another game then it was off with my other sister to look at condo's. And lets not talk about work this week. I've been glued to my desk all week. I've been trying to read a new book I bought. I don't know what's going on but I haven't been able start a book and finish lately. You don't understand how I'm feeling about this as before I would start a book and not put it down until it was finish. Now I barely get past the first few pages. I'm still taking care of my mom's very old dog while she is away and that's a task in itself but I love my mom and I would do anything to help her have a peace of mind and not worry while she is away. Well I guess that about sums it up. Usually on this weekend I would have already ran at least two race or maybe three and one on memorial day. I just did not feel like it this year. There is still a possibility I may run the Jim Fixx memorial day race in Greenwich on Monday.

May 28, 2006
8.2 miles

May 27, 2006

5.2 miles

May 26, 2006
7.4 miles

May 25, 2006
5.6 miles AM
6.79 miles PM (track wk inclued)

May 24, 2006
6.75 miles

May 23, 2006
7.2 miles

May 22, 2006
7.0 miles

may 21, 2006
Rest tired from wedding& driving

May 20, 2006
10.10 miles

May 19, 2006
5.2 miles

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