Sunday, June 04, 2006

Run for the Rock

Was not planning on running any races this weekend. But last night I registered for this one there were lots of plea for people to register for this. So I decided to show my support. I did this race in 2004 for the first time, I was first in my age group(25:38). I did not know until after the fact as I ran off to church immediately after the race. None of the really fast women were there so that is how I pulled it off.

This year not quite the same lots of the fast women were there today :). Again not one of my best 5K this year. Here are my splits

7:46, 8:22, 8:25, .22miles 1:49 = 26:23 well it was fun and I'm glad I got out there today. I was really hoping to put in a minimum to long run in today, because yesterday drizzle then down pour I went to the gym and tried to run on the treadmill, no can do, I was only able to accomplish 6.5 miles which really sucks because I wanted to do atleast 16 on Saturday. I've been a little lax with blogging lately.

June 4, 2006

5k race 3.2miles

June 3, 2006

6.5 miles (the treadmill)

June 2, 2006

6.2 miles

June 1, 2006

10.78 miles (am/track/pm)

May 31 2006

4.5 miles

May 30th

7.0 miles

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