Monday, March 13, 2006

When will I learn

I had a decent run this morning, a little foggy but not bad at all. I would rather fog over ice and snow anytime. I'm am a little sore from lifting on Sunday.

I'm always nervous about leaving comments on message boards, this weekend I put myself out there took a deep breath and made this comment base on my observation. I had to edit it a few times because it wasn't coming out exactly how I wanted it to be said. Anyway have you
ever said something that you just wished you hadn't.

People have just totally missed my points. The fact that I was turned away from a parking lot on race day. The fact that the race was for a good cause and there were 13 people recorded as bandits, that's 13 X $25.00 that could have went to the cause. I normally pay for my race well in advance, I even tried to register the night before. I had my check ready for a race day payment. My God this was only an observation. I guess I'm just a gluten for punishment. Do I dare say this on the message board, I think not.

March 13, 2006
7.5 miles

2 comments: said...

Yes I think they missed the point.
Pity you missed out on your run.

susie said...

Yeah, I'm with Ben. People react pretty harshly on boards...react without thinking. Sorry you missed the race:(