Saturday, January 28, 2006

20 mile LSD

This is what I felt like doing today but instead I got off the couch and head out for my 20 miles of agony. Well it wasn't all that bad. I was prepared. I took my water bottle and my MP3 with me on this one. The weather was perfect. I did not start to strip down until about mile 16, the hat, gloves and jacket came off and I felt wonderful. I believe the last mile was my struggle but I dug deep and got it done.

This was no easy 20 miler, I've decided that if my quest is to one day BQ I must always include hills in my run among others things such as speed work and fartleks. So this twenty miler included 9 hills at various stages in the run and it took me from Norwalk, to New Canaan, To Darien to Rowayton and back to Norwalk, I haven't done my tri city salute in a while and it felt good.

After 20.28 miles I walk for .75 to prevent myself from being tight in the morning, or was it because I couldn't run another step :). I then stretch really well. I feel pretty good right now. The boys are doing their thing so I had this little time to update my blog. Elliott is at the library working on a project and Kelly is playing basket ball.

PS: happiness is still having a drop of water in your bottle after 20 miles :)

January 28, 2006
20.28 miles
.75 walk
21.3 total


Rebecca said...

Sounds like you had a great long run. A perfect long run for me is to come back without having suffered any chafing.

And you know your disciplined when you run hills intentionally and you make yourself walk further to cool down after completing 20 miles. I always tell myself to do the same but my legs stiffen up as soon as I stop and I can barely make it up the stairs to get back into my house!

Anyway, I just want to congratulate you on a great run... :)

Jank said...

Sounds like an absolutely great run. Kind of a "train run" for those of us out in the eastern end of the state - "Next stop: Darien."