Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holiday Run

What a glorious day to have a run, about 5 miles into my run a saw three women running together, we smile and waved at each other. I wanted to yell its Christmas eve and I still have like all my shopping to do, but here I am getting the miles in with not a worry in the world. Today was beautiful and surprisingly the roads was not that busy. It could have been the route or maybe it was still early enough. I went out about 8:40 which was late for me again.

Once my run was over, I got home took a shower and went out again this time it was about 12:15. I am such a procrastinator. Why do I do this every year. I'm lucky that my husband likes to take care of buying the children their gifts. I think he does it because he is a big kid himself :).

As you see I'm home now. I got as much gift buying as I'm going to get done, now its watching movies with the boys and count down till Christmas morning. Yes I hope to run in the morning if lazy Dawn get to bed at a reasonable time and lazy Dawn throws herself out of bed when the alarm goes off. And if this does not happen lazy Dawn will be punished.

December 24th 2005
11.76 miles

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