Wednesday, October 12, 2005

When it rains it pours

After running in the rain for 4.5hrs on Saturday I just could not bring myself to do it this morning, so I went to they gym. I knew exactly what would happen when I got there. Since I have not been there for awhile,I said hello to people I haven't seen in ages.

I did not get there with enough time to accomplish much. I did only 4.5 miles on the treadmill. I was disappointed that I did not even complete one set of the circuit weights. I'm sure I'll be back in there soon but for now I will stick to the outdoors for as long as nature allows.

For the first time I felt a little stiff today. I think its because I tried to maint-8:30 pace on the treadmill on a slight incline. There were times I held on though which would change my stride a little.

October 12, 2005
4.5 miles treadmill :(

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Audrey said...

Sometimes I completely don't go to the gym b/c there is this one trainer who talks to me and it is sooo annoying. I wish I didn't know anyone there so I could just get my workout in without all of the chatter!!

And that is the most low-key marathon report I have ever read!! Congratulations!