Monday, October 10, 2005

I've been Blessed

Thank you God, for your wonderful gift. You have blessed me in so many ways, Family, Friends, and life itself...Thank you, thank you, thank you...And to top it off the the gift of running for this and everything else I am truly grateful as without you in my life and in my heart I would have nothing.

What a glorious day to be out and running today. I felt wonderful thru my whole run I thank God for this ability. I was totally relax and felt I could have done another marathon this day. Today is my ideal running conditions weather, boy was it perfect. I can't say enough about this morning and how great I feel right now.

Honestly I believe there is something more. In my heart I know God have something special in mind for me and I can't wait until it unfolds.

I'm hoping that everyone had a wonderful weekend raced filled or not.

Well I'm off to see my son play his game today....go bhms!!!

October 10,2005

7.50 miles (nice and easy recovery)

PS. Game is over they won...!!!! :)

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