Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hartford Marathon Done :)

2004 - 4:17 ( on a whim)
2005- 4:30? ( a few excuses I could use but I won't)

Today I felt like I was on one of my training runs. My splits were lousy, I did great on a majority of the hills except for the last one and I just about die in the last 3 miles. I am betting this will help me at Mystic in two weeks.

Not much to report. I was really busy this week. Did not get a chance to blog much. The last time I reported was on the 4th. I was trying my best to taper for the marathon today. And what a day it was for a marathon.

October 8, Saturday 26.2 miles

October 7, Friday 00

October 6 Thursday 8.2 miles

October 5 Wednesday 4.5 miles

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susie said...

congratulations dawn...wish we had managed to meet. maybe next time? the weather was absolutely atrocious, wasn't it? but you ran a marathon!!! congratulations:)