Saturday, September 17, 2005

Today is Saturday

And no race, today I tried to take it easy. I went out for a casual run again to relax before my 30k and possible 10k, ok, on Sunday. My run turned into 9.3 miles. I kept it easy though because I kept saying to myself, "what am I doing" I felt good and it was nice and easy.

Elliott's first football game was last night. They lost :( and it was because of lots of mistakes. They could have won the game. My son did not play :( I know how hard he has been working this pass summer and during practice, he was used constantly, this is his third year on the team. There were a lot of graduating seniors. So we naturally thought this maybe be your year Elliott. I pray that he is not too disappointed by this, he supports his team totally and we are behind him 100%.

We have talked to him telling him to always give 100% and a door will open for him. The last few years he worked hard during the summer, when the season begins, it gets even tougher because most of his classes are honors classes so he have to work hard there also to maintain his grades above average. He is not an outspoken kid very quiet so I believe this have
something to do with him getting taken advantage of. My son is a football player he worked hard and knows the plays he have improved greatly since his freshman year. I do see him playing in college, but without the right exposure I worry. I pray that one day he will get his turn to shine because he deserves it.

September 17,2005 Saturday
9.3 Miles AM

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