Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday and I'm Off

I got up at my usual time. Was out the door by 6:10am. (late again). Today I remembered to wear my reflecting vest as it was still a little dark out there at that time. Yesterday I forgot it and frankly its a little scary running in the dark. Only my shoes had reflectors on them. I won't let that happen too often, that's for sure.

I had a really weird morning, I did not plan it, but I ran in segments. I ran 4.6 miles(I didn't want what happened yesterday to happen again today so I played it safe) before I dropped my first son off to school. Came home woke son #2 and went out and did another 3.5
miles. I got back just in time to say "lets go". I parked in the school parking lot. I wanted to do
another 5 miles. I just felt really great and strong today. But it started to rain. So I went to
the gym instead.

My gym that I haven't seen in weeks, heck I think maybe over a month now :( I really miss my gym. I will get in there when ever I can. But to be fully back would be after the scholastic football season.

I did an additional 6 miles on the treadmill. Although I hate the treadmill, I felt pretty good. I did 9 min miles. I was a little surprise I was still feeling so strong. I stretch and did the circuits weights once, one set of 25 reps. I've lost some strength so I did not want to push it too much. Then I relaxed for 20 mins on the elliptical with arms and read a magazine. Boy do I miss the gym.

September 16,2005 Friday
4.6 miles 1st run
3.5 miles 2nd run
6.0 miles treadmill
25 mins circuit weights
20 mins elliptical w/arms

I'm in heaven :)

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