Thursday, September 29, 2005

Nice Surprise

My husband called me at work today and informed me that I got flowers and it was not from him. The flowers were from the man's whom wallet I mailed on Monday. This really made my day.

Today I was out in the dark again. But today I decided to stay strictly on a main road then I descended into a neiebghorhood when I saw day break.

I know I should not complain about the weather. But yesterday I had to put on warmer cloths this morning I tried to dress the same way, when I hit the door the air was warm so I took off one layer.

I'm in that chaotic mode again Monday night football practice, Tuesday night open house, Wednesday night open house, Thursday night Football practice I keep telling myself it'll all be over soon, then what will I do with my time .....(run some more :)

September 29, 2005
7.25 miles AM

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Ryan said...

Hi Dawn, Good job on returning the wallet! How nice of the guy to send flowers. Good luck in your half this weekend. Ridgefield is HILLY! I've done the 15k there in the winter. It's very pretty. I'll be doing the New Canaan Train race next weekend.