Saturday, October 01, 2005


My son's first win 48-0 that was the score last night. He played quite a bit, which was also nice. I am so proud of him. Defensive tackle thatshis position and he take it very seriously and do a great job.

Friday morning was another chilly Willie but I took it in stride and got out the door. I know to be thankful for these. I hope Sunday is just as chilly.

Saturday, I slept in because of my half on Sunday. I did get out the door by 9:34 as I could not let such a great day pass. I slug along with no real goal in mind. And when I said slug I do me slug, I kept my heart rate to the min more like a recovery run. I stuck to my guns and only did 5.2 miles. I did not let my feet control my mind today. :)

My goal is to be in bed by 9:30 this will be tough, since I did well with my feet. I think I might just be able to accomplish this tonight.

October 1st, 2005
5.2 miles late AM

September 30, 2005

6.9 miles AM

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