Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My secret

I had a "happy meal today" my secret pleasure. I don't do this often but it is just enough to satisfy the gravin. I usually treat myself after a big race, I realized that this weekend I did not have time to do this. I'm usually alone when I treat myself to a happy meal. I took the long way home so I could finish it before I get home. When I have one on the weekend,I'm out and about when I get to my next point and if there is any left I throw it away.Yes its out, my little secret. I can't out smart my 12 year old though, because every now and then he finds a toy in the car and I get ""Aha! Mom you went to McDonalds!!!"

September 7th Wednesday
8.40 miles

September 6, Tuesday
5.2 miles recovery

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Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I haven't been to McD's since I saw SuperSize Me - almost a year and there's one right behind me. I can see it from the upstairs bedroom window.