Thursday, September 22, 2005

Got a little Sleep

I went to bed by eleven last night. I felt pretty fresh when I woke this morning. Overslept again today so I did not get out the door until about 6:05. I just cut it short this morning, seems I can't get under 9 min miles on my training runs these days any way and do not want Elliott to be late for school. Although it was short I felt good.

Work have been quiet for me the last few days. Have been using the time to plan and search for a college for Elliott. He will be starting his Psat/Sat class in two weeks. Hope he can handle it with football still going on.

Well not much more to say. Still very busy with rushing from one practice to another, from one school to the other and from one game to the other.

I'm also very grateful for all the blogs I've been reading lately so much to learn from, so much to get my motivation from.

September 22,2005 Thursday,
6.25 miles AM
4.50 miles PM


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Race day is the only time I am ever sucessful at getting up that early to run.

I will be lucky if I am out the door by 10am today. Most days I don't make it out til after lunch.

susie said...

Thanks for your comments, Dawn. I iced and rested today. And I hope I can run again on Tuesday--the blogs are a great source of information and motivation, aren't they?