Monday, September 26, 2005

Late should be in Bed

Well its very late. I know I will have problems getting up on Tuesday. I just could not let another day go by without blogging.

On my long run on Sunday I found a mans wallet on the road at mile 4. I stopped and gathered everything together and ran with it for the next 12 miles. I did not call this person right away as I was rushing to get to church on time. After church I called him and told him I had found his wallet. He thanked s me and ask if its not too much trouble for me to mail it to him.

I mail the wallet to him this morning. I put my return address on the envelope. Then later that day horrible things started running thru my mind. What if the wallet was planted there. I've run that route many times. I told my husband about my thoughts he assured me not to worry and I did the right thing. Then I told my sister the same thing and she assured me as well. So I'm pretty convince I did the right thing and I won't stress over it or worry about running that route again.

Not much else to report Elliott had a game on Friday night they lost again. Kelly's game was on Sunday they also lost. Elliott had another game today ... Lost again :(

September 26,2005
8 miles Am

September 25, 2005
16 miles (of 20) did not get out early enough

September 23,2005
6.5 miles

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