Monday, July 11, 2005

The boys and I went to see Batman this weekend. I love all the Batman movies. This one was especially nice because it went back to the beginning. The boys voted Starwars the best movie of this year so for.

4.5 miles recovery run I was stiff but I stuck to the lowest point of heart rate
between 134-140 with this I averaged about 10:40 mins. I think the only time I sped up to about 157 was when I pass this guy walking and I didn't want him to keep his eyes on my backside. I was not wearing my usual baggy shorts this morning.

I want to really learn to use my heart rate monitor well. So I'm able to tell my pace from my monitor reading. Haven't mastered this yet.

Got my son to the gym this morning. He was right on time. We did not get our walk/jog in today as I was at work until almost seven. Then I rushed home to make the 7:30 church committee meeting.

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