Sunday, July 10, 2005

That was Fast

The weekend that is. I can't believe how it flew by. Lately I've been thinking...:) yes I do think every now and then. I'm just one of those people who is good at all things but a master of non. My family come to me when they need this and that done. Example set up the computer, do the taxes, fix this fix that at home, do this do that at work. I just have common sense. I listen, read and follow directions very well. I'm not sure why I'm on this topic. Could it be from the lack of having anything else to report? No not really, this is the beginning of me finding something more....Because nothing is impossible.

Saturday 7/9

3.1 miles Westport summer series (25:49)
6 miles on the road
3 miles on a hill course elliptical
40 Mins. Circuit weights

Sunday 7/10

15 miles long run 2hrs:21min
10 min per mile average

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