Saturday, July 23, 2005

Beautiful Day

I woke up this morning with every intention of running the 4.1 miler in Westport. The location only 2 exits from me so I was not worried about time. Went through my pre-race routine. I tell on race day my body knows when I'm racing. I may go to the bathroom at least 3 times before I leave the house. I'm not sure how or why this happens. But during my training runs there are times I wished I had gone many times before I left the house, if you know what I mean. I ate well, sept well, so I felt pretty ready for this race. This happened to me last year also, but it was the 8.4 miler I was so ready for this race.

I had a mental block this morning could not find the race if my life depended on it. And of course I did not give myself enough time to get lost. I left my house maybe 15 mins before the start of the race. I gave up at 8:05 and returned home I got out there and did a long one instead. The weather was perfect and I had a wonderful run.

I was almost attacked by dog this morning. I was prepare to use my mace for the first time since I started running. This dog barked growled his teeth at me his hair was sticking up on his back. I know I screamed very loud when he back me up to a bank across the street I was down on my butt holding my mace just in case he decided to jump on me. The Dog was barking viciously and loud and not once did I hear a door open from where I believe his owner lives. I must have waited there for at least 3 mins before this freaking dog calm down. I slowly got up and walk away. When I was in a safe zone I started running again.

This is the same dog that my son and I was saying how nice they(yes there is two of them a black one and a brown one, the brown is the one doing most of the attempted attack) they were on Thursday because they saw us and didn't bark. Never ever trust these dogs without a leash. I came down the same route on my way back home. I wanted to tell the owner about what happen. There was only a man working on a house and I tried to ask him who owned the dogs. I told him what happen so I hope he tells the owner.

My run was nice I put in about 15miles I need a longer one soon. I even added about 3.5 miles of trail. I could have stayed on the trail forever it was nice and cool.

After my run I had to go to the airport to get my mom. Traffic was lousy and what a way to waste a wonderful day.

Friday 7/22 AM
8.5 miles

Saturday AM

15 miles

P.S. I want to thank the nice man working on his fence for giving me one of his bottled water (Poland Springs) I only ask him if he could fill my water bottle with his garden hose...This was my last 3 miles what a dif. It made getting nice cold water I was grateful.

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