Thursday, July 21, 2005

Unbelievable Busy

Just a quick note so I don't fall to much behind:

Monday 18th
AM: 7.5miles

Tuesday 7/19
AM 6 miles
PM 3.5 miles W/boys :)

Wednesday 7/20
AM : 40 Mins Spin class
PM: 2.0 Warm up
Speed Work 6X800 (3 miles)

Thursday pm
PM 5 miles w/E :)

I'm ashame to say not enough miles this week. Goofing off. Excuses I could use. Having a bad hair week. Monday evening hair emergency appt. Waited for girl to come almost 4:00hrs. Even missed my church council meeting because of this. Didn't get to walk with the boys either :( lousy Monday night, I did not like it after she finished . I wish I had wash and go hair. :)

Tuesday night XC was cancelled because of the heat and humidity. Changed to Thursday. Turned out to be not so bad after all went out with the boys.

Wednesday night was too hot and humid/did track work out. Thank God for experience because I saw what could happen when you don't have it.

Thursday morning took my mom to the air port. Cut into my morning run time. Today was the night of the rescheduled XC two man relay they had good weather for it. I did not go because I did not have a partner. Wasn't sure I would have had one if I went.

Excuses will get you no where!!! You bad girl you!!! That is why Joe Positive runs double the miles you do.

I should go to bed now.

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