Saturday, June 25, 2005

Relaxing before the race

Well this morning I was very lazy. I did not get out of bed until something after nine. I went out and did a very, very slow 3 miles. Just to loosen up for my half tomorrow. I came back and took my oldest son to the gym with me. His football team will be working out there for the next few weeks because of renovation to his school, so I wanted him to get reacquainted with the Y machines and gym etiquette. He did pretty well. We did the elliptical for 35mins then 3 set of 15 on all 15 of the circuit machines. After that we went to watch the end of my son's game at the ballfield. Now I will continue with the household duties....Its hot out there :(.

3 miles
35 mins elliptical
45 mins circuit

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