Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Monday: 5 miles am, 20mins weights
7 miles pm

Tuesday: 35 Mins stair master am
3 miles treadmill am
30 mins weights am
2.5 miles xc race pm
3.0 miles on the trail

Wednesday: 1.22 miles warmup treadmill
1 hr spin

I did not go to speed work today. Had to take my son to his baseball game. Last week I missed it because I had to pick my son from foot ball practice. Its coming up on my 1yr anniversary with the group.I hope they don't disown me for missing so much. The children are out of school. At least I won't be going crazy in the morning for next couple of months. Now I only have to worry about being to work on time. My middle schooler kept me on time this year.


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