Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Circle of Friends 10K

All it takes is one little thing to throw your whole day off track. I've been trying to get my RCA lyra mp3 player going now for two days. I removed my testing materials while studying for that test and tried to add my music back. I'm so frustrated its just not working. Enough is enough two days and still nothing. Very hot and humid weekend. Trying to help my son study for finals. Went to a few baseball games. Went down to Central Park and ran the circle of friends mini 10. Got there late ended up behind about 3000 women. Pretty hard to get out of that pack. A full 10mins worst than last year!!!

Friday 06/10 4 miles/gym 35mins

Saturday 06/11 10k in central park/ sat on my glasses after the race/ this turned out to be a really expensive event. Went over the wrong bridge, so I had to tolls on two instead of one, park at a parking garage that was way too far from the race start.


Sunday 6/12/05 13miles

Monday 5.5 miles easy/ gym 35mins

Tuesday : exhausted from staying up all night working on the mp3 player

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