Friday, May 20, 2005

The Weekend

Just a quick note to wish everyone a happy race weekend. Looks like some great weather. I'm still studying, my test is next Wednesday. Saturday I will be in all day studying. Sunday I run a 10k then back home to study. I think my family have had it with me and this studying. This is taking a lot from me. Time with my family, time on the road, my times have been terrible since I've had this test on my mind. My mind is consumed with the thought of failing. I pray that I'm well rested on Wednesday morning, cool and collected and not spend too much time on one question. I pray that I remember all my test taking tips, ...God please be with me.

Well since my last post and between the studying, I completed the spirit in the sky 5k in Stamford on Sunday. I was up until 4:30AM Monday morning, so you guessed it, no chance for a run. I studied till about 1:30am Tuesday morning, so I was able to put in about 6 miles and kept my heart rate to about 90% :). Wednesday I did about the same since I knew I would not attend my track work out that night. Up until 1:30 Thursday morning, I did not run because I knew I would be doing the Equity Office 5K corporate challenged that night. I had a lousy time at this one also.

Well I did about 5 miles this morning, Saturday I will not do a long run, I will be studying all day. Sunday I will do to the 1ok midmay classic. Then back to studying.

enjoy oy the weekend


Rebecca said...

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so impressed by all the races you have under your belt! Wow! I have a hard time committing to one per year much less all those! You must have a lot of t-shirts...

Good luck on your test this Wed!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Hi Dawn! Teeheehhheeee there's two of us. Found you via comments on another blog.