Saturday, May 14, 2005

I Just had to take a brake.

I have not posted since the 8th, bad girl. I have another week of study like a mad woman. I really need to get this test off my plate. Then I can have my life back. I still have a lot to do on my blog still learning the in and outs of posting and creating a blog. One of things that I've wanted to do is a link for my PR's which I haven't gotten to yet. I'm sure after I complete my test I will fine a way. I love playing around with my template. For those of you wondering here is an idea of how I've run in the past. I run 5k's to marathons I'm currently thinking of ultra's but I haven't pushed myself beyond a marathon yet, well here are my PR's.

Trumbull Sunset 5K 6/03 24:45
Weston memorial day 5K 5/03 24:50
Westport summer 2.3Miles 6/03 17:57
Sprig equinox 8K 4/03 43:04
Midmay Classic 4Miles 5/03 32:35
Norwalk summer 5miles 6/03 41:54
Mothers Day 10k 5/03 51:30
Norwalk Summer 7M 6/03 58:39
Norwalk Summer 9miles 8/03 1:20
Westport summer 8.43miles 1:13
Norwalk summwe 11miles 8/03 1:37
New Haven 20K 9/03 1:47
Sam Elpern Half 9/03 1:51.25
Fall clasic 30K 9/03 2:47
Hartford Marathon 10/04 4:17
Mystic Marathon 10/04 4:13

well its 9:20 back to studying I am very sleep deprived. This morning I did about 15miles I don't think this was a good idea. But I did it. I'm running a 5K in Stamford CT on Sunday.
I'll try not to get too far behind.


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