Sunday, May 01, 2005

Still on the Radar

I haven't posted since Wednesday. This week will be a little iffy for me. I'm taking that damn test on Saturday(a raceday at that) so I'll be lucky if I get on once this week. Since I have not been on since Tuesday I remember going to bed at about 1:00am and waking up at 3:30am because I could not sleep and studying some more. Then I went to my spinn class at 5:30Am. I was a zombie at work Wednesday. That night I did speed work we did 2X800, 4X400 and 2&800 I was dead to the world when I got home, but I managed to cook for the kids, check homework and study until 12:00am. Don't ask me how I got up the next day.

Well I ran two 5K's this weekend, one on Saturday in Darien (The Lawyers Day Run) for summer interns. I'm still trying to get into law shool, and also becasue I haven't ran a 5k in almost a month, I decided to do it. My Time was not the greastest, my time 26:56 posted time 27:01. I did not get much sleep the night before I believe I went to bed at about 1:30 to 2:00. AM.

So Sunday I went to the 27th annual Minuteman race in Westport. I was not planning to run this race at all because I was not sure what the Young Womens League of Westport was about. Someone at the Saturday race encouraged me to run. When I got home Saturday I looked over the information about the race. I was pleasantly surprised to learn what they were all about and all the good they do in the community. I decided then and there I would run the race. I've been struggling quite a bit since last year because it seem like I'm going backwards instead of forward, I added 1.5 to 3 mins on every race I did. The only races I improved on last year was my marathons. My first marathon I did was October 2003 in a time of 4:26. In 2004 on the spur of the moment and because it was on a Saturday I did Hartford, I finished in 4:17 then two weeks later I did Mystic and did that in 4:12 being cocky I figure Philadelphia is a whole month away maybe I'll do even better in that one and qualify for Boston, which I need a 3:50 to do, no dice. I finished in 4:26 My goal is to qualify for Boston before I'm fortyfive. I have 3 more years to go.

Well that's all for now!!!

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