Thursday, May 05, 2005

A little Down Today

Well I must start by saying I've postpone my test. It was schedule for Saturday. I feel really stressed so I've move it another few weeks. I'm still trying to stick with the studying and not slacking off, its been very difficult because I'm not getting enough sleep.

I ran about 5.5 miles on Monday I felt pretty good. Up until about 230am that night so this time I was not able to force myself out of the door Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, I spinned for an hour. The funny thing is I left my special padded bike seat in the car. Class was about to start so I decided to do without. To my surprise, I did not need it ask me on the first day of class if I thought I would reach the point of being comfortable on just the bike itself. Not in a million years. I remember being told by the instructor at that time not to worry that I would build calluses. I was like who the heck wants to build calluses there :)

I did my usual speed work although I was exhausted from work that day. There were a lot of people there that haven't been through the winter months. We did 5X800 an 2X400. I was sock that I completed it.

I rushed home because I had to take my 12year old to sign up for pop Warner football. this will be his first time playing. I have an older son 17 that have been BMS foot fall team for two years now. He will be on the Varsity team this fall.

I did about 6 miles today nothing really eventful. I do feel myself picking up my pace though. I think it have to do with my unhappiness with my week end races. These race keep me on track and reminds me that I need to work a little harder and more efficiently. My heart rate monitor also helps.

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