Sunday, April 24, 2005

Leatherman's Loop

First of all I want to thank Susan for her comment, it meant a lot. Happy running to you also. The weather was perfect for this course. The rain the night before only complimented the course. About 1000 people showed up today. I felt really comfortable doing this 10K XC/Trail run this year. I believe its because I've done it the two previous years. The first year I did it ( 2003) my time was 1:10 I was going along really well then my shoe got stuck in one of the many mud puddles, it felt like about 500 people past me while I tried to recover my shoe. Which I was told I was lucky to have done. Last year 2004 my time was 1:15 and this year I believe I was about 1:16-1:17 . I'm thrill to have completed the course again and am looking forward to it again next. It feels great to do something different. This is the only race that I'm not constantly thinking about time and pace all I'm thinking about is the challenge of finishing.

I'm hoping that one day I can have my Blogger look like a runners' Blogger. With next events , personal best and maybe a link list. I checked out quite a few Bloggers and they are wonderful. I'm still trying to figure out how to comment.

PS: Happy Bloggerversary to running chick. Just wanted to let you know you got me blogging.

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