Saturday, April 16, 2005

I'm part of RBF

Yes!! Hello to all of you. I'm so glad to be part of the Running Blog Family. It's been a week since I ran the More Marathon and I feel great.

Monday: I went to the gym and did about 45 mins of easy work out

Tuesday: I did an hour recovery run nice an easy.

Wednesday: Spin class for an hour in the morning, speed work on the track later that day

Thursday: I did a 7 miler felt ok not great but I did it.

Friday: I went to the gym I was dragging. I was on the treadmill for 45 min. Did five miles.

Saturday: I did not t really want to run for very long to, intended to do only 7 miles . Just wanted to rest. But apparently I mustered up enough energy to run for 2 and a half hours. Will I run on Sunday I think I better rest.

Last year I ran 4 marathons. People were surprise of how well I recovered from each one.
I think of them as my long runs. I'm a middle of the packer and I always try to run to the best of my ability. I want my races to be as a matter fact part of the routine. My ultimate goal is to feel as good as I do on my training run in races. I do enjoy longer runs and am currently thinking of going to next level. I have not muster up enough guts yet to go beyond 26.2 miles.

Here's to Life on the Run :)

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