Saturday, July 20, 2013

This is the 3rd time I am trying to write the same post now.  I wasn't able to post any thing the last two weeks kept getting an error message but could not find help with the issue.  I am now going to make this really quick. Today I did the Westport 4.1 miler, It felt like chicken soup out there. My only goal was to finish. I was very sensible and took it very easy.  I now bring my water bottle with me on every run and in every race it just makes sense. I manage to finish just under 40 minutes which was fine with me on a day like today I was happy to finish. I went into the water after the race and that made it so worth it. Well there you have it not much I know but I have a feeling I will be coming back here more often than not. 


Black Knight said...

It's not easy to run with a bottle in the hand but sometimes we have to. Glad you reached your goal on the race.

peter said...

I always run with a half-liter bottle, even carrying it when it's empty b/c you might run past a fountain somewhere. It saved my bacon in the infamous 2007 Chicago 26-mile Fun Run, 88 degrees and humid, they had water in 5 gallon jugs but couldn't deliver it to smaller containers fast enough; I would fill up my empty half-litre bottle each stop. Good graphic Dawn, "like running in chicken soup." And to go straight into the water after it, nice!

Sunshine said...

Great to hear from you.
Welcome back.
Very best wishes for your training for those two upcoming marathons.