Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Promises to Myself

When will I learn? two promises I made to myself: Get to bed early and wake up early. Two days have pass and I haven't kept one of them. Monday went to bed at 11:00pm not bad, it needs to be earlier, woke at 6:00AM, with the paces I'm running, I need to be out by 5:00AM to get the mileage in. Tuesday got in bed at 2:00AM did not rise until 7:00am no time for running this am. Will tonight be the night I get to bed early? Will tomorrow be the day I rise early? Oh God help me to keep these promises to myself cause no one will be good to me until I am good to myself.


Black Knight said...

I had your same problem and I solved it planning a goal and filling a daily schedule. It works. In the past I ran in afternoon/evening, by summer 2009 I succeed in running before going to work in the morning.

Just_because_today said...

I made the same promises almost two years ago. I think today I will keep my promise. Oh shoooot, it is already 10:30. I guess it will be tomorrow

peter said...

Promises to ourselves are so hard to honor, mostly in the breech. Black Knight is right, run in the AM but that's hard when you retire after midnight.