Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kelly's First Race

Kelly and me hydrating before the race

after the race

Kelly & me

Karen helping at race
snap a couple of pics of

Kelly hydrating before race

Kelly & I after we register

me some where along the course

Emmy and her son Ike
A very special thank you to Emmy for
making this even more special with the
pictures she took.

Me and Kelly after the race

me and kelly

before the race

Cooling out

The New Balance store across the street


Something very special happen yesterday, Kelly my 15 year old, whom by the way will be 16 next month chose me over the Transformer Movie. My day could not have been more perfect. "No I'm going to the race with Mom" my heart is still smiling. He came, we register and we ran The New Canaan Mile. This is the second annual. On the way over to the race Kelly ask me a bunch of questions. I told him about the course "just a straight 1 mile flat and easy down South Avenue" Do you get anything if you win? " Well only if you place in your age group. Will I be running against really fast guys? Well, yes some even run 5 and 4 min miles. That's not fair. Kelly I run against fast people all the time there is even people older that me that run faster than me in every race. I do the best I can and that's what I want you to do just do the best you can and have fun, I'm so happy you decided to come with me today. Now hand me the check book I have to write the check. We have to pay to run? yes we have to pay, when I pay for a race I'm supporting a cause I'm glad about that but for the most part I pay for races because I love running.

We got there I believe people saw me beaming a mile away I introduce Kelly to whomever said hello. Emmy and Karen took some pictures of me and Kelly together unfortunately I hadn't use my camera in a very long time the batteries were almost gone and we did not have any in the house. so I was only able to take a couple of pictures.

I discover the course was not the same as last year. We were doing 3 loops that started and ended in front of the New Balance store. This tiny little loop included a hill. The women ran first. After I did the first loop I said oh no Kelly is going to hate me. I was a little worried that this may be too much for him. And of course I did not let it show after I finish. I went over to him and told him just do the best you can.

He started out well he came around the first loop pretty good timing. I had to catch up with him for the second loop I ran on the sidewalk and encouraged him along the way. The third loop was tough for him. I had grab a bottle of water at the start of the third loop and caught up to him again down the hill. When we got to the uphill that was the toughest part. I had to really encourage him have him drink water some how I manage to get him going again and he ran to the finish. There you have it. We hang around for a little bit after the race and ate some pizza, it did take him awhile to decide to eat anything after the race. Then we went home. The results are posted and I show Kelly, he smile when he saw his name on the results page.

I tried my best to arrage the pictures, took me a couple of hours to get to this I think I have alot to learn about posting pictures.


Just_because_today said...

I smiled reading the entire post! I loved the lessons you gave him, the encouragement to do the best he can.
Hope he will run another race!

Kevin said...

That's a nice way to encourage your kiddo.

peter said...

He's a participant! Good going, mom!

Mark said...

Awesome! That is really neat how he chose going with you over Transformers! Good times with family!

Michelle said...

That is really terrific. Wonderful way to spend some quality time with your son!!

I am proud of you mama!!

CTmarathoner said...

Dawn --this post made me smile!!
Very happy that your son ran, and most importantly, this event was a great parent-child thing and he got to see his mom in action!!!
Hope this is a start -a 5K maybe??

I have 2 good photos, which posted on facebook. Karen also tok 2 good photos..because of my taconic july 4 8 miler race duties have been lazy about updating my blog --I will post those photos tonight:) (and will steal karen's from fb)>

Running CT said...
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Running CT said...

You're such a cool Mom!

Thomas said...

That's very special. Congratulations!

Black Knight said...

What a wonderful mom. Your son must be proud of you (and you of him). Congratulations.
Beautiful pictures.

bill carter said...

Great pics Dawn!

Congratulations on raising such a great child who feels it is important to do a run to hang out with his mom.


Have a great 4th!

Just_because_today said...

love the picture "after the race", the way you are looking at him. Great!

Sunshine said...

Good job on the pictures: good posting, good pictures.
Congratulations Mom & Son.

Christie said...

That's so great! Loved the pictures too.

robtherunner said...

Very cool, Dawn! I love the photos!