Saturday, April 11, 2009

I did the Bunny Boogie today one of my favorites.
When will I learn to lay things out for the next day. When the race is nearest to me is when I have the most trouble. I had trouble deciding what to wear. Then I left the house, quarter mile out the door I decided to wear something more than the shirt I had on because I remember the race started near the beach and its usually cold by the water. I'm glad I did because it started to rain shortly after I arrived at the race. I had to turn around a second time because I forgot my watch this time I was more than half a mile away from the house. Yes I turned around again.

When I got there finally, I saw Emmy completing her entry form. She is an amazing woman as she just completed the Umstead 100 miler less than a week ago. Today she won her age group. I was pre-registrered so I got my bib and went and got my shirt from Jim, I love the Tshirt design pictured left. I also saw Frank, who is just getting over pneumonia, he did quite well today , he have some great pictures up. I was hoping to say hello to Katie, Franks' daughter but no Katie. I believe at the end of the race I heard Kate cheering me in, I did not see her at all during the race.

This is a fun race as the women get to start before the men by over 2 mins and the winners get chocolate bunnies for a prize. I've never had one of these bunnies of course. The course is not bad except for about a mile an half in you have to climb this short hill payback for the the first mile being down hill, I must tell you the down hill just don't feel the same the 2nd time you do it :) . This is the first year that I chose not to actually force myself to run the hill I took a walk break so my second mile was a 9:14 not bad with the walk.
My times have ranged between 24:00 flat to today's 26:22, I think this is the 7th time I've done the boogie. I felt good during the race and by the time we finished it was a down pour. I couldn't jump in my car and leave as usual because when I parked I parked too close to where the runners were coming in to finish. So I waited and watch a few people come in.
Some pictures I stole from Frank's blog Well I really was trying to add some of the photos from Franks blog but they keep poping up at the top of the page. I gues I better research how to add photos at the end of a report. For now just go to Frank's blog.


Love2Run said...

Cool t-shirt! Nice job and fun race from the sound of it ;-)

Christie said...

Sounds like you had fun. Happy Easter!

Just_because_today said...

very good report, got a good laugh out of it!. You sound like the way I prepare for my races (or anything for that matter) and having to turn back...yeah, I do that too.

Pamela Ann said...

You are funny race mornings!
Enjoy your weekend.
The boogie sounds fun.

Michelle said...

Woah great pace woman!!!!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Great job with the race! It sounds like you did so well in spite of the rain.

Happy Easter!

Running CT said...

You did fine!
Good Job

Dusty said...

Sounds like fun!!

I think when I have done pictures, it also adds to the top and then you drag them down to where you want.

I have parked by the finish before too - haha! At least it wasn't raining for me, it was super cold and I sat there with the heater on. :)

peter said...

Sounds like a great race despite the rain. A nice way to celebrate Easter.