Tuesday, March 10, 2009

what do you call a woman that rushed home to get a run in before heading to a BOE meeting. Mad I tell you Mad. I had to do it because this morning the alarm went off but my body did not pop out of bed like it should have. The next time I saw the clock it was 6:20 way too late for me to even try to sneak one in before getting my son up for school. Spring forward never agrees with me. I go through this every spring.

Look how late it is and I'm just writing my post I caught a glimpse of all your post wish I had time to comment tonight.

Got side tracked a little, Elliott my son in college text me I thought he might need a little pep talk so I tried to call him. I even got on the computer and saw that he was online I tried to IM him. Now I'm really worried so I ask my husband have you talked to Elliott today he is not answering my calls. He said not to worry about it didn't he say he have a 12 page paper due in couple of days. I said OK. I went out for my run.

I came back from my run it was 7:15 the BOE meeting was started at7:00 I got out the door at 7:35 the meeting lasted till nine then I went to the grocery store because I was too lazy after the 25k on Sunday to go.

Needless to say I should not be up right now. How will this help my spring forward issue.

PS: When I sign on to post one of my IM was answered while i was off line "mom I'm OK I was just playing a VIDEO game".... that's another 2 miles I could have run.


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Now that's a crazy day.

Michelle said...

Ha kids huh???

Glad you got your run in though!!