Sunday, March 01, 2009

Was it the fact that I wasted time again this morning and only had 45 mins I could possibly squeeze a run in before church? or Maybe it was the fact that I actually put my ear buds in my ear from my Ipod?. I've been running with them like free style speakers securely tucked under the arm band. My way of saying we can still run with our Ipods and be safe. The only offense is, in a race if someone runs next to you they might not like your music. :) or Was it the fact that at exactly .50miles into my run someone cross my path going way faster than me that I followed for at least another .50 miles?. or Was it the fact that I should have raced a 25K today?

Whatever it was I got out today to do my recovery run for yesterday 14 miler. I felt no ill effects of the 14 miler and had a great 4.46 miler @ 10:28 pace my fastest training pace for months. Oh yea I did get to church, I only had about 10mins to shower and dress!!

Ended the week with 59.6 miles, Life is good!!


Michelle said...

Wow again!!! Amazing run. I am so jealous right now of everybody who can run. That is so wrong of me but I want to be out there too!!! :O)

So, where are you originally from??

Be safe tomorrow in the storm coming!!!

Bob - said...

I only had about 10mins to shower and dress!!
well that was a great miracle granted to you today -lol

Awesome week Dawn, COngrats!!!

Just_because_today said...

WOW!!!! That is some high mileage there, girl! Good for you!!! Wish I could say the same. Great job!

Christie said...

That's a whole lotta mileage. I won't ever catch up with you. It's great that you can do a recovery run after a 14miler and still feel great. You're in the best shape. I guess all the strength training helps. Anyway, keep on running!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Awesome! Glad to hear the running is going so well. Great pace with that recover run, too.