Thursday, February 19, 2009

Had another good day. The shoes arrived yesterday. Today I enjoyed my good old reliable. I was a little shock this morning to learn it was almost 40F, who am I to complain just seems pretty strange the night before we had a wintery mix of snow and rain. Tonight lots of wind, snow flurries, and rain strange weather.

I have been enjoying my week and hope it continue into next week. The last few weeks have been nothing but 2 to 4 milers, missed days, and occasionally got in 7-9 milers on the weekend, far cry from the girl that got use to 50 to 55 miles weeks, whose short run was an 8 miler and I am still battling the 2olbs.

Someone introduce me yesterday as "Dawn the girl that tries to run 1 marathon a month" now I really have to live up to my name.


rundangerously said...

welcome back dawn! i was in the same boat - it was really tough to get out and run, a string of seriously low mileage weeks, and no long runs (or races) to speak of :(

but spring is just around the corner :D (how can i write that when the wind chill outside my office makes it feel like 10 degrees - ha)!

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Dawn, you are almost to the top of that mountain you have been climbing! Just keep getting out there and soon you will be logging more miles than you ever had. The body is always smarter than we are, so we have to listen to it :)
Be safe and much love from the west coast! Marc and Tanya

Just_because_today said...

Glad you are back. One marathon a month?

Sunshine said...

Run Dawn, Run!! You have done it before ... you can do it again.