Friday, January 02, 2009

My Pro Wash finally came!! I've been waiting a couple of weeks, it came on new years eve!! Nice way to start the new year .

I was more than happy to try Pro Wash for free and if it works as well as they say, some of my old favorites will be revived. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about the stuff you wear year after year, race after race those pieces you just don't want to get rid of because you love the way they make you feel. The only problem they get very stinky the kinda of stink that don't go away. The kinda stink that after a run or a race you want to run away and hide because you are afraid to offend. This is what we call embedded orders the kind that turns up again and again that ordinary detergent don't get rid of .

Here is what Prowash Claims:

ProWashActivewear Detergent thoroughly cleans without sacrificing the performance of the garment. The exclusive formula gives you the confidence to clean and remove sweat and odors from your activewear. Independent laboratory tests show that ProWash™ works better than ordinary detergent on your activewear garments.

Cotton, Fleece, Lycra, Microfiber, Polyester, Spandex, Wicking (For Nike Dri-FIT®*, Under Armor®*, and Columbia Sportswear®* activewear, Wool.

ProWash™ 2X exclusive formula works in both regular and high efficiency washers. One Unit of ProWash™ detergent is conveniently measured by using the dispensing window located on the right hand side of this energy efficient package. Each line represents one Unit (equivalent to 1 fl oz) of all temperature ProWash™. (Measuring Alternative: reuse the cap of your ordinary detergent - just fill to the first line or 2 tbsp = 1 fl oz).
Contains no Phosphates.

*Dry, Inc. is not affiliated with Columbia Sportswear North America, Inc., Nike, Inc., or Under Armour, Inc.

With this in mind:

I went out for a six miler this morning yes in some of my old favorites, the run went well and I felt good. I might have over dressed, with temperatures below 20f why wouldn't I.

When I came in all I could think of was getting out of these damp, stinky cloths. These cloths was wash the previous day. This is what happens after a run the orders come back and the smell is unbearable.

Lucky for me today I have my Prowash Active Wear detergent I throw the clothes in the washer and added a few of my old favorites. The real test will be when I run in the same clothes in the morning this will tell me if Pro Wash works or not. Stay tune.....

UPDATE: 1/4/2009

On the afternoon of 01/3/09 I did a 10 miler in the same clothes and am happy report that ProWash seems to work very well. The best was after the clothes came out of the dryer I was able rub my face in them and take some really deep breaths. I was happy with the smell, very clean.

The other test was after the run, I was not over come with od0rs, and I was really happy with that. I washed those same cloths again and planned on wearing them to my first race of the new year. The Boston Buildup 10K.

1/4/2009: today I did the Boston buildup 10k and I happy again to report the same. I am glad that I can finally use a detergent that gets rid of those stinky odors. I'm sure everyone around me is glad as well :)

I would like to thank Ryan from ProWash for allowing me to review the product:


Just_because_today said...

my problem is with whites. I just don't do well with whites and somehow I always end up with a small yellow stain right below my collar. Maye I'll try your stuff once it proves to work for you

CTmarathoner said...

Dawn --good find. sounds like prowash is perfect for technical workout stuff. Myriam, doesn't bleach do the trick for stains?

Sunshine said...

Appreciate the trial and recommendation.

peter said...

I'll have to keep ProWash in mind if my clothes start stinking. Ipretty much do laundry every other day, small loads in cold water, hang dry in the basement (my dryer has been broken for years but if you're single and have a basement, who needs a dryer) and haven't had a problem so far. Or at least no one has told me about it yet.