Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm trying my best to do the best with what I have. I haven't posted about running in a while. I'm still training. I'm trying to remember some of my most memorable moments.

1. I had my first most embarrassing moment during one of my long runs. Thank God I spotted a porta pot after the fact, but was still 50 yards away. I'm only glad it wasn't during a race .

2. Couple of really bad races because of the heat and humidity. Just don't have what it takes any longer but I keep going because I know this too shall pass.

3. Almost fell in a race again but I stop myself. only to feel the after affects for the next few days. a strain right cheek and I'm not referring to the face.

4. I am getting out the door a little bit earlier but still not early enough to complete a 10 miler in the am.

5. I've had the pleasure of running with someone whom is one of my biggest inspiration. She is 20 years older than me, I've never beat her in a race she gave me some great suggestions and I really appreciate it.

6. I actually felt good running the age graded this week at XC

7. I was giving up a race this weekend because I got an email from the race director that we need people at the water stops. I just could not bring myself to say no. He was surprised I accepted and thought I was injured. Then I told him I would rather run , I just felt awful saying no. He then said the email was to see if we had someone family or friends that would do the volunteering . I'm still feeling guilty.

8. I got caught in the rain today, I was soaked. I did not feel good about it.


Just12Finish said...

Even with all that you're way ahead of the crowd. Your best ain't too shabby :-)

Just_because_today said...

what's a runner without embarrassing moments? you are a runner only if you had had some of those moments.
Bad races we all have them. If we didn't we would never know the good ones.
The rains cools you off and it can get in the way, it depends on your mood. Make the mood be good for it.
Look for the silverlining, there is so much of it!

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Dawn... Have a great race this weekend, You are doing good & Sounds like you have had some character building moments :-)

Mir said...

I know how much you love must have been tough to say you'd give it up and volunteer instead. You are a great person. :) Thanks for sharing your moments!

CTmarathoner said...

Dawn --very inspiring post --glad you felt well at the age-graded 5K on Tuesday --I enjoyed volunteering -that's the second tuesday I have done so. You looked good -it's amazing how easy racing looks when one is just standing there!! I am headed up to Wakefield, MA this afternoon to pace Frank (walking) through the night at a 12 hour race --stop the insanity!!! are you volunteering at the miler? well, it's only one race!!! see you next tuesday for sure.

GB said...

You are such a nice lady! I admire you!!!

Dusty said...

Hang in there!!! You totally inspire the heck out of me.

Don't feel bad about the volunteering. I'm helping with a race in 2 weeks. Other than my one friend that I asked to help w/the race before she knew about it, but decided to run instead - I totally understand. They want the entries too. You never know when you ask - I asked people I thought would not be interested & they knew of a bunch of boy scouts needing volunteer hours. They were probably hoping you knew someone who wasn't going to enter, they want those that will race to enter and those that wouldn't to help. :)

Dusty said...

ps - by helping, I'm in charge (I'm not the race director, more of his assistant - I'm in charge of everything relating to the course).

Non-Runner Nancy said...

you know what I was thinking as I read this. I know some of it was a downer for you, but it seemed to me like there is so much here to be thankful for. You are quite the runner, missy, through the good and the bad, and you are such an inspiration.