Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Quick one

I went out for a quick one this morning. The weather been a little crazy. Yesterday I was running in shorts and T-shirt today, my extreme cold weather jacket a hat and gloves was freezing when I got in out of the cold. I so lucky that I can easily adjust according to the weather. This is why I get stuck on the computer every morning checking the weather, then I wonder all over the Internet.

My legs felt great and I was going at a decent speed another mile stone for me today, two of my 5 miles was under 9 mins, I was shock 8.51 and 8.48 the last three went like this, 9.18, 9.38 and 9.28. I'm not sure what is going on but things are really starting to turn around for me. Here is hoping that this last a good, good, long time. Someone once told me it comes in cycles lets hope I'm on my way back to my good cycle.

PS: this may have been a fluke because it was cold and windy out there :)

Happy running to all


Christie said...

When it's cold and windy, I'm motivated to move faster.

Sunshine said...

Happy cycles to You! Keep going.

bill carter said...

Great splits.. I always remember the great runs and try and forget the not so great ones. I don't know if we actually have cycles, but I do know that for me a positive state of mind makes a big difference.

peter said...

No fluke. You are on your way to an UP cycle!

Dusty said...

I believe it does come in cycles. I also have been known to run a bit faster in the cold hoping I'll warm up - haha! I think you just have speeder legs than you realized!!!! Congrats on a great run.

I agree with Peter - no fluke!

Sunshine said...

Yes, the winter is daunting.
Better the dreadmill than not at all! That will have to be our choice some of the next couple of months. You go, Runner; we are cheering.


Hey Big Sis, cycles? Well maybe. Your beeming girl-El came home and you realize he is going to be just fine up there at school. You know God really does take care of us. times are awesome keep it up. I got my drive from you girl-love you and I pray to see you all soon-
Love lil sis-MJ-FIT CHIK 4 LIFE

GB said...

What is going on is that you are getting FASTER!!! Go Dawn!

Hey, gorgeous picture of you and your son. You look like a model!