Sunday, October 21, 2007


I want to thank everyone for their great comments!! I know I've been a bad girl not posting in a while.

My week went well. Monday I did 5 miles on the treadmill, was a bit faster than should have been. Tuesday another 5 miles, on the road. Wednesday 6. 8 miles on the road, Thursday
6.50 miles on the road. Friday rest, Saturday a slow 10 miles just to get back into the double digits and today a fast 7 miler. This is the end of my recovery week.

I could have race today, but my mom needed me to take her to church, so I opt to run early and skip the race. This is why I think I put so much effort into my run today because it really should have been a race day. Monday I'm back on schedule, not sure what for but I'm back on schedule.

I'm still pretty upset that I have not received my charger back for my Garmin. Yes I sent every single part of my Garmin in. And only received the Garmin 305 without the accessories back. I'm being told every item is on back order.

Happy running to all.


robtherunner said...

I hope you get your charger back soon. Back on schedule is a good thing. I am sure there is something in your near future.

Sunshine said...

Your "on schedule" is inspiring... got-to-run, got-to-run....

Non-Runner Nancy said...

You high mileage gals make me tired. :D That is some recovery week. I bet you are going nutso without Garmin. I would be. Hope they get it straightened out soon. I need a new schedule too. :D

the Half Marathoner :D :D :D