Monday, September 03, 2007

What a week!!!

Gorgeous week for running!! I got some pretty decent ones in. Hope every one had a wonderful labor day!!

August 27, Monday 7.76 miles
August 28, Tuesday 10.66 miles
August 29, Wednesday 10.33 miles
August 30, Thursday 11.89 miles
August 31, Friday 10.2 miles
Sept 01, Saturday 10.0 miles Race: Westport Road race- 10 miler
Sept 02 Elliots' off to college!!!
Sept 03 Monday 12.4 miles New Haven Labor day 20K

I'm ajusting to Elliott not being here. He start classes on the 5th


Thomas said...

For most people, that would be an incredible week. For you, it's just above average, isn't it? ;-)

Dusty said...

Nice week - glad you had good weather. Hang in there with Elliott.

ReneeMc said...

Great week, Dawn! Can't wait for the race report.
I hope you all are surviving without Elliott -- I think it must only get easier?

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Wow, girlie, you are an inspiration.

Bob Gentile said...

First off, I wish Elliot the best out there in College... This is the next chapter in his life and in yours with out him around...wish you all the very best!

Have patience married with positive expectancy during these times to help get adjusted :-)

and it Looks like another amazing miles week for ya, Way to Go Dawn!!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Awesome! 73 miles and two races...just another Dawn week. Great job!

My parents total redecorated my room the day after I left the house...their way of dealing with it, I guess.

~concrete angel~ said...

Wow, a college man! What's your son studying? Great job w/ the running :)