Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My New Mantra for Running Hills


Does the trick every time!!

I'm doing well, Kelly is back to school, he is playing freshman football!! now that I have to start getting out the door by 5:00AM I notice how dark it is still!!! with the time falling back for the fall, its going to be worst!! this will not do!! tell me I'm panicking for no reason. Just seem that there is less morning brightness since the time change this spring.

August 27, Monday 7.76 miles
August 28, Tuesday 10.66 miles
August 29, Wednesday 10.33 miles

Have a Great week everyone


~concrete angel~ said...

LIke the new layout!

It has been noticably darker in the mornings...though you can't beat the nicer temps.

My running mantra is almost the same as yours (different order)...

Pretty cool!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Like the new blog format.

You are panicking for no reason...ok, did that help?

At least it is cooler when it is dark.

ReneeMc said...

It's true that you are panicking for no reason! You just need a headlamp! It's much cooler in the morning now, though.
Your kids are growing up mighty fast there. Soon you'll be living large, running at 6am ;)

Vanilla said...

I always just yell at the hill in my head. "Is that all you got?" or "I don't feel no hill!"

Dusty said...

OK - love your three words.. I'm going to borrow them as I start back with my track workouts tomorrow - then I'll think of you and realize that my miles are nothing compared to your amazingness (is that a word?)!

You will do fine if it is dark -- just have to get used to it, you did so great all winter last year.. you amazed and inspired me!

I'm so messed up with time changes - we didn't do this in Arizona and I screw it up every year since I moved. We will wake up an hour earlier or later... Hopefully later - you would get more light and my track workouts in the afternoon will be 1 hour cooler than they are now.

peter said...

Hills make you better, track makes you faster. My mantra on hills is huff huff huff huff ahh

robtherunner said...

That's a good mantra for the hills. Keep it up and have a great weekend. I imagine there is a race involved.

Amanda said...

Totally agree, that strong words will get you through those tough ones!

GB said...

I like your mantra. I need it for all my running though, not just hills. :) Fall is upon us, shorter days, football, school, and then the holidays. I can't wait!

Jim said...

It is always great to have something to lean on like your mantra. I agree with everyone else . . . it will make you better, hills or no hills.

I am not a morning runner unless forced into it due to scheduling reasons. However, I do run in the dark during the winter time(or am I always in the dark :)

get you a head lamp AND a flashing red light to cover your backside, literally and figuratively. I buy most of my gear like that from REI.