Sunday, August 19, 2007

That was Fast

Can't believe I let the week flew by without a post!!! nothing spectacular to report other than I did not race at all this weekend. I was away for a few days!!! I ran while I was away nice out and back with rolling hills!! Today would have been a wonderful morning for a long run but but I was not in familiar territory and did not want to venture further than my five miles out and five miles back, lets just say I did 10 today but it was a 20 mile effort.

Monday 7/13- rest yes a true rest day
Tuesday 7/14- 10.16 miles
Wednesday 7/15 - 9.70 miles
Thursday 7/16 - 10.57 miles
Fridayay 7/17 - 10.02 miles
Saturday 7/18 -10.25 miles
Sunday 7/19 -10.07 miles
Weeks total: 60.77


Neese said...

it's the effort that counts :) Hope it's been a relaxing time away

ReneeMc said...

No races! I know what you mean about not wanting to be too adventuresome. Sometimes, you just want to do the usual.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Good job on this weeks mileage. And 10 miles today is 10 more miles then my sorry butt did.

Bob Gentile said...

DAWN Said: nothing spectacular to report other than I did not race at all this weekend.
Huh?? whatttttttttttttt STOP the presses ... actually

I did see it mentioned on ESPN that Dawn is away this weekend and will not be racing any events :-)

Great Mileage for the week!!!

You Rock!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

No race report? No race report??? I'm crushed. How am I supposed to make it another week? I hope you are racing next weekend. ;-)

Thomas said...

You know, you could have done the same out-and-back 10 mile section twice for a 20-mile long run. I've done quite a few 20-milers consisting of 4 identical 5-mile loops. It's not the most stimulating way to run, but it gets the mileage done.

Still, that's a good week.

MJ said...

Thanks you for all you do sis. Mileage. Let's just enjoy the sceenery sometimes. You rock D, and I am ever so proud to call you SIS. Check out the flowers the next time you run, your brain will connect with your soul and your body will respond with a really good exhale. Enjoy the journey of the race not the distance. I luv ya girl
MJ-fitchik4life (lil ms sis)

Dusty said...

Your post just made my day - I'm not the only one behind in blogging!!!

Your numbers look good!

I'm surprised you didn't race - your body must be in heaven!!!

Jim said...

You humble me with your mileage. I am just trying to back into building base. It is way too tough since the temps in B'ham have been over 100 for the last 2 1/2 weeks. I'm managing but can't wait for 80 degrees!

Come to town for Mercedes 1/2 or if you're really bold and like hills, do the full!

robtherunner said...

A solid week even without the 20 miler. It's good to take a day off and a break from races now and then.

Anonymous said...

Maybe no races, but you put in some good mileage.

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Love2Run said...

Outstanding week, even without a 'long' run. You seem to be stuck on 10's. Nice work!

Phil said...

Another great week Dawn ...but where is the race report?