Sunday, August 26, 2007

Felt like chicken soup out there today but I finally got it done 18.05 miles and I need to do at least three more before my first marathon in October with at least one 20 miler!!! missed my two evenings workout this week because of work. Did not have any double digits during the week :(. Missed XC night and speed work (track) night. I'm not sure what next week will bring, it will be more hectic than this. Tuesday Kelly is back to school and Sunday we move Elliott in on campus. I will take it one day at a time that's all anyone can do. I'm pretty sure I might have to do a midweek long run as Saturday I'm doing the Labor day 10 miler and Sunday is Elliott's Day and I'm sure we will be at the college all day. Monday I'm doing the New Haven Labor day 20K .

8/20/07 Monday rest day
8/21/07 Tuesday 8.64 miles
8/22/07 Wednesday 8.5 miles
8/23/07 Thursday 9.6 miles
8/24/07 Friday 7.6 miles
8/25/07 Saturday 9.3 miles race
8/26/07 Sunday 18.05 miles
Total for the week: 62.14

Happy running to all!!!


Bob Gentile said...

Geesh, u been logging some great miles for the week... and nice long run Sunday!!

Way to Go Dawn!

Jank said...

That's a huge week - congrats. The soup is miserable.

ReneeMc said...

Great week! Sunday might be a tough day, and there will be some tough times to follow but you all will adjust. You still had monster mileage this week, even without the double digits.

Dusty said...

Am I rubbing off on you with work impacting your running?? If so - sorry about that!!

Great job on powering through the 18!

Good luck with getting Elliott off to college.. hang in there!!!!

Mir said...

I'm back in blogland! Wow, you've been putting in some serious miles lately. I love the chicken soup metaphor (well, simile). I hope things calm down soon for you!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

One day at a time is a great way to get through it. If you miss, figure the rest is beneficial, if you get it in, that's great, too.

Congrats on the big 18 !!

Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said...

WOW! You are my hero! That is a great week of running!