Saturday, August 25, 2007

How could I change without a post

I've been meaning to mention this for the last two weeks. On one of my favorite course someone have spray painted and added some very encouraging messages to the stop signs. The first stop sign says "never STOP believing", stop sign #2 says, "never STOP dreaming" 3rd "Never STOP Laughing" and no less at the top of a big old hill!! these signs are along the route of the Norwalk half which is in about 2 weeks I hope the signs stay that way until race day. This certainly will help.


I did the Westporter 9.3 miler today not a pretty picture 73F with 85% Humidity and Hills like you would not believe.

Tomorrow I will do my long run!!


Jim said...

Good luck with your long run. I was starting my run this afternoon and a big storm chased me into the house. Nothing like a little lightning to make you re-evaluate your goals!

Okay . . . you really need to consider joining the crowd here in B'ham for Mercedes in Feb. There's always room for another runner. Besides, you have to try my mom's "cathead" biscuits!

Bob Gentile said...

CONGRATS to MJ !!!.... She looks great, I looked at the progress photo's WOW amazing the 8 week transformation -- GOD Is GOOD!! Very awesome!!

and YIKES Dawn on that Humidity, I been running in that crap all summer and while I think I got somewhat use to it, it's still drains ya good....

so please be careful out there in those HIGH Temps and DRINK LOTS of fluids and make sure u are taking ur ELECTROLYTES ...

for some reason I am thinking you aren't taking enough electrolytes, ARE YOU??

Neese said...

YEEAAHH for sis! awesome!

Dusty said...

AWESOME job for MJ!!!

Maybe one of your fans that sees you blow by as you speed down the street each day decorated the signs for you. WAY Cool - I hope they don't mess with them too. Hopefully they will focus on the bad grafiti and save yours a bit longer! :)