Sunday, June 10, 2007

What a Weekend

Friday I received a call from my mom, "Dawn I missed the flight, but I'm on the next flight so I won't be at Laguardia until 9:30PM" ok at least she is still coming home and its still not too late I will still get a good nights sleep. Friday evening another call came " Dawn, the flight was delay so I will arrive at laguardia at 11:30" ok mom, a little concern, I'll be there.... worried about not getting any sleep.

Left the house at 10:30pm arrived at laguardia at 11:30 waited until 12:15 out side no sign of mom. Came back to my car a cop was calling in my plates, then he informed me that this was not a parking lot and I was about to be towed. I politely said I was sorry and move my car to the parking lot. Got a good spot, so I'm able to sit in my car and see people coming in out of the building. 1:30 AM no mom in sight finally at 2:4o I went back into the building, there was still no indication on the monitor as to what happen to the flight!! I walked around a bit and there in the baggage claim, Mom!!! I'm like "Mom how long have you been here!! just about 20 mins and I couldn't find my luggage. My mom do have a cell phone she said the batteries needed charging out of aggravation I'd dialed my mom's cell phone numerous times and it rang, and rang then went into voice mail. If her phone was off or the batteries was dead it would have went directly to her voice mail.

We finally exited the airport at 2:53Am I know this because I have my ticket right in front of me. Little did I know how important this little receipt would be.

I got into bed at about 4:05AM!! slept until about 6:00AM!! took me a good 30Min's to drag myself out of bed.

I got to Central park about 8:15AM . One thing I'm proud of, I've become very comfortable driving in NY. And I've learned the area pretty well so when I miss a turn I'm not as panicky as I use to be.

THE RACE: 10k Circle of Friends.

Very hot and humid. One loop around the park, they must have chosen the hilliest route for this one. I lined up between the 8-9 min pace mark. But some how I ended up by the 7 min mark. I assumed every one else moved as well so we were basically where we should be. Not much to say I under the conditions I did the best I could. Lornah Kiplagat won the race in a time of 32:? this is her third year running. My official time was 56:41 not my best for the course not my worst for the course. Under the conditions I'm ok with this.

On my way home I went back to laguardia I got there at about 11:15 this time I went directly to the parking lot. Went in to check for my mom missing luggage, still missing. I see that the 11:50 flight from Charlotte was cancel and the next flight wasn't due to arrive until 1:30pm. I called my mom and told her this. She expected me to wait!! so reluctantly I did, sat in my car in the lot and waited went inside at about 2:00pm Her luggage still did not arrived. This effort was to avoid another trip to the airport.

Exiting the parking lot. I was informed that I'd never left the parking. You could imagined the shock and humiliation I was feeling. And because I never bring my purse to race when I know I have to leave my car in a parking lot, you guessed it my first receipt was in my purse!!!. I even showed the attendant my receipt from the parking garage I parked at for the race he would not let my go without paying for a full day rate and the gate would not open because it showed I never left the lot. Angrily I paid, I felt so helpless & humiliated I left the lot in tears. He gave me a form to file a compliant which I promptly did when I arrived home.

I arrived home at about 4:30pm traffic was horrible. Would you believe at about 6:00pm my mom called to inform me that they had call her and her luggage finally arrived at the airport. "Mom you don't expect me to go back to the airport again today do you? You guessed it. We were on our way back to the airport. Traffic was the worst, hell I have no idea how I got there and back safely we did not get home until about 10:30pm. I finally hit the sheets about 11:00Pm.

6/10/2007 Run for the Rock 5K

Yes the race addict ran another race this morning. I did woke feeling a little tired. The course is not bad. There is only one big hill, I really slowed on this one. I'm not sure what was going on with the weather , the rain was coming then it didn't. But it wasn't as hot as yesterday!!! I felt good and this may be my best 5k for the year so far. The unofficial time according to my
Garmin 25:41!!! this time I checked 3.11miles!! yes!! Official results 25:44


Dusty said...

Congratulations on your PR for 2007!!

I can't believe what you went through!! OK, once it hits a certain time with delays, my Mom tells my Dad to take a cab/super shuttle (I know, I was with him once as a kid and so excited about getting to ride in a cab). Also, why doesn't the airport send your bags to you? Whey they lose them, they deliver them (at least in Texas with Southwest Airlines).

Let us know how your complaint works out and if they give you your money back, I'm angry for you!!!

ReneeMc said...

I hope you get your money back! I cannot believe what you went through and you still kicked hiney in these races.
Congrats on a great 5K!

Bob Gentile said...

OH MY GOSH...I think I aged a few years from reading this post :-(

Travel can be a nightmare sometimes, I have had my moments .... but overall for all that I have done I really cannot complain.

Great Job on your RUNS ...ur Streak ROCKS On!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to take a pic of ur bibs, create some sort of picture/theme to post with all of them BIBS